Student Meets World - Unstoppable YOU!
Student Meets World - Unstoppable YOU!  

Challenge Your Mind at Student Meets World!

At Student Meets World, you will be exposed to extremely qualified faculty members, professors and Veterans with tremendous records and years of solid experience. ALL of our lessons, courses and seminars are FREE. 


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • Rationalism is a Focus
  • Embracing Individualism and being Independent
  • Understanding the strengths of Free Market Capitalism
  • Learning the incredible story of America
  • All lessons, courses and seminars are FREE 
  • Completely Flexible
  • Incredible networking opportunities


Americans live in the Greatest Country in the history of the World. THANK YOU to all of those who paid the ultimate price and/or sacrified so much to make that possible. 

We are proud of our ability to change lives for the better. Sadly, the K-12 public school system in the United States has been completely, and quite purposefully, tainted by radicals pushing extreme agendas that are un-American and extremely hurtful and divisive. Most parents have no idea how bad it has truly become. Though, many families do not have the funds or ability to send their children to religious or public schools. That is precisely where we come in. We serve as a FREE supplement.


Student Meets World, and our Family of Websites, are all divisions of Bressi - Limited (Since 1924). We do this as a 100% charitable venture. Interested in helping, donating, advertising or sponsoring us? Email  


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Student Meets World is a FREE K-12 Curriculum augmentation portal that focuses on American Exceptionalism, Rationalism, Honor, Duty, Sacrifice, Capitalism and Independence.