Student Meets World - Unstoppable YOU!
Student Meets World - Unstoppable YOU!  

Our Course Offerings are Diversified and Customized for the "Individual" Student

Our students come from all over the country with all sorts of passions, desires, hopes, wants and needs—we are online supplement that works for who they are. We’ll partner with you, the teacher/parent, to ensure the student can learn the incredible story of America and the attributes of individualism, rationalism, hard work and sacrifice. No matter where they are now, or where they hope to go...

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American History


American Literature



American History Science American Literature
9-12 American History STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) American Literature

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Student Meets World is a FREE K-12 Curriculum augmentation portal that focuses on American Exceptionalism, Rationalism, Honor, Duty, Sacrifice, Capitalism and Independence.