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The STEM Fields and the STEM Workforce Pipeline. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related fields are many and diverse. STEM workers enjoy a pay advantage compared with non-STEM workers. Employment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations has grown 84% since 1990, from 9.7 million to 19 million, outpacing overall U.S. job growth. There’s no single standard for which jobs count as STEM, and this may contribute to a number of misperceptions about who works in STEM and the difference that having a STEM-related degree can make in workers’ pocketbooks. Sadly, most "Higher Education" programs do not really teach students what they "need" to know in the STEM/STEAM fields. And those that do, typically charge "ransoms" for an education that only in-part focuses on STEM. Most of the professors typically lack solid real-world experience, also, students are always paying MORE & MORE for an education that buys them LESS & LE$$.

LEARN STEM "SKILLS." Welcome to the World's Largest STEM/STEAM Network! A Division of Bressi LLC. (Since 1924) is the LARGEST STEM/STEAM Network on planet Earth. Over 6.5 million people in our global network network; we manage 45 MEMBER-ONLY groups & various highly visited websites. Did you know... As a purely charitable venture we also offer many FREE Services to schools around the globe; our mission is 1/2 charitable.


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