Student Meets World (6.5 Million STEM Network) First time employee? Career Change? New Skill? Study STEM-Low Cost.

This is THE Place where the STEM/STEAM community comes together to LEARN, network, provide insight and advance causes on a world-wide level

We are a GLOBAL Organization and at least 1/2 of what we do is completely CHARITABLE by nature.

OUR MOTTO: "Raising the next generation is a shared responsibility. When families, business, communities and learners work together, people are more successful and the entire community benefits."


1. TEACH Focused STEM/STEAM skills so people can be successful.

2. DISRUPT Traditional learning by providing Low Cost - High ROI training.

3. HELP people by teaching STEM/STEAM. is a Trusted Division of BRESSI - LLC----founded in 1924----headquartered in PA ----our firm has been around since BEFORE the Great Depression. We are headquartered in the U.S.A. but service (and have members in) every single country in the world bar none.

We have one of the largest and most loyal networks of Industry Professionals, K-12 Students, STEM/STEAM SMEs, Higher Education Students, Parents, Faculty, Administration and Executive Educational leaders in in the world.

We achieve this by hosting approximately 40 member only groups and organizations, 5 MEMBER WEBSITES and by having a database of 6.5 MILLION resources in network.

Again----MUCH of our work is charitable and we have a special place in our heart(s) for helping school children.


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GENERAL INFORMATION PHONE NUMBER = 610 764 7763 or 570 373 9433

3 Current Locations:

Glenmoore, PA 19343

Kulpmont, PA 17834

Point Township, PA 17857



The World's Largest STEM/STEAM Network! A Division of Bressi LLC. is the LARGEST STEM/STEAM Network on planet Earth. Over 6.5 million people in our global network network; we manage 45 MEMBER-ONLY groups & various highly visited websites. Did you know... As a purely charitable venture we also offer many FREE Services to schools around the globe; our mission is 1/2 charitable.


We promise to only send you good things.