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Farm2Brick is a Trusted Division of Bressi - LLC----founded in 1924----headquartered in PA ----our firm has been around since BEFORE the Great Depression.

We are headquartered in the U.S.A. but service (and have members in) every single country in the world bar none.

We have one of the largest and most loyal networks of K-20 Students, Professionals and Enthusiasts in in the world. We achieve this by hosting approximately 50 groups and organizations, 4 MEMBER WEBSITES and by having a database of OVER 3 MILLION people!

And BEST of all.........Much of our work is charitable and we have a very special place in our heart(s) for helping school children. This is evident by utilizing the countless FREE Tools that we offer to K-12 and beyond.


The Bressi family is very proud to carry on the great legacy of our our Family's Supermarket Business. We have faithfully been serving the public with Quality Meats and fine Ethnic Products since 1924. We are headquartered in beautiful Kulpmont, PA.

-Above: Our Patron Saint San Marziale

In regards to the family---taste and quality ingredients are absolutely king. Our products contain NO nitrates or preservatives of any kind----and we make everything the same way we have been since the early 1900's. These products contain almost no fat because we use the best and leanest cuts of meat. Our dry-cured products are Aged like a fine wine. When you taste a Bressi product, you will be tasting a product that has been aged to perfection in an ideal climate and humidity. Patience is the key to success--in the entire year our products are made in the course of a few very select weeks. Everything has to be perfect for the curing process--however--the results and quality of our products will astound even the most senior lovers of fine food.

Above: A Heated game of Bocce Ball

Our Story: The year was 1901, and the Trojan Prince passenger ship sailed in to beutiful and legendary Ellis Island. After months on board, Antonio Esposito Bressi emerged from the ships hull to be greeted by New York city and a sight of the statue of liberty. He had temporarily left his wife and children in his hometown of Isca Sullo Ionio (Catanzaro, Calabria Italy) to get settled in their new home.


After working in the blast mines of central PA to pay his ships fair, the entire family came to America. From that point on, his sites were set on the creation of Bressi's Market in Kulpmont, PA. The journey was a long one, and it took quite some time until the needed funds were collected. But at last---after patience and an iron will---the construction began and the dream became a reality. This market would build upon the tastes and cultures of the people of Calabria, and later, the people of Europe in general.


If the store could speak it would have a lot to say----it has seen multiple wars, the depression, man landing on the moon, the iron curtain and it's collapse, the tearing down of the Berlin wall, the atomic bomb, countless presidents and a host of other historical events. Yes---the history is rich---just like the flavor of our legendary aged meats and ethnic products. Come to Bressi's in order to taste a slice of history! 


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GENERAL INFORMATION PHONE NUMBER = 610 764 7763 or 570 373 9433

4 Current Locations:

Glenmoore, PA 19343

Kulpmont, PA 17834

Point Township, PA 17857

Bloomsburg, PA 17815




STUDENTMEETSWORLD is the LARGEST Educational Association in the world with over 6.5 million people in our full network; we manage 45 MEMBER-ONLY groups & 5 highly visited websites. Our main focus is GLOBAL EDUCATION (K-20); 50% of our members are located in the USA and the other 1/2 of our members are International with members coming from EVERY country of the world. We also offer many FREE Services to schools around the globe; our mission is 1/2 charitable.


We promise to only send you good things.